Absolute Security Box

The Game Changer in
Long Distance Surveillance Systems

The Game Changer in
Long Distance Surveillance Systems

It is needless to say that the safety of properties has become a major concern for all owners. That is why the need for long-distance solutions for homes, business shops, boats, lots, gates, and many more is increasing. This is where SecurityCI is trying to emerge with new surveillance systems solutions that will enable clients to efficiently meet their long-distance security needs.

Every bigger company that has large and worthy outdoor areas such as private courtyards or parking lots, usually have lighting poles that offer a great opportunity for a remote power source. This fact allows us to take advantage of the existing hardware grid, (poles themselves) to place our newest product, innovative long-distance Absolute security box. The majority of homes with long driveways mainly have some electrically powered systems (Electric powered gates or lightning system with light poles) that are equipped with power outlets. These outlets permit us to quickly, within no more than 30 minutes, enable you to have a full video feed of your property on your device.

Absolute Security Box Solution

To help you find the best solution for your home, property, business, etc we prepared 3 different packages.
All of our models come in pre-packaged kits ready for you based on your surveillance needs and unique property requirements.

The housing for Wireless Video The station is an IP66 Waterproof, perfectly suitable for heavy-duty usage and durability.
On a list below please check out our variety of kits which we prepared for you.
Please take a closer look at what is included in kits, as well as the key specs and components.

Package Professional

Ideal for gate monitoring, Boat Docking station or
any other purpose up to 1000ft

Plug-n-play installation
Build in Network Video Recorder with 2TB Memory
Build in (2) 1440p Full HD Dome Cameras
IP65 Waterproof
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Package Professional


Ideal for Parking monitoring, community monitoring, airports or any other purpose up to 3000ft

Plug-n-play installation
Build in 4ch Network Video recorder with 3TB Memory
Build in (3) 4K Turret cameras with smart tracking
IP66 Waterproof
Upgradeable for up to 4 cameras
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Package Enterprise

Fully customized system able to accept up to 8 cameras on one unit with 40 different type of cameras (PTZ, Tag Camera, Thermal camera, etc.)

Plug-n-play installation
Build in 8ch Network video recorder with up to 8TB memory
Choice up to 8 different cameras
IP66 Waterproof and IK10 Vandal proof
3 Years warranty
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Remote Access Anywhere, Anytime

Users can access live views or playbacks remotely on their smart devices through the free app or from any laptop or computer at any time. Be aware of what’s happening at home or in your business at all times.

Laptop Isolated on Black Background. Vector Illustration.
Security Cctv Camera Or Surveillance System With Marina On Blurr

Utilizing Existing Power Sources

The station box is fully equipped with all the items needed for easy placement: starting with A4 IP camera, in addition to seamless mounting hardware for a pole.

Once mounted, the station box utilizes the pole’s existing 110-277V AC power source (Electrical gate, Lights, Regular electrical outlet). This is step one in providing an all-around surveillance solution. If your property requires coverage of multiple distant points, our product is a perfect solution for you.

PoE Integration for IP Security Cameras

The most important selling feature, the point that gives us great leverage is cost-effectiveness for large integration and installation projects.

Instead of running cables from the main building to the remote site which is time-consuming and costly work, the ASB contains already built-in 4-Port PoE+ NVR. As previously explained the the station utilizes the existing grid thus cutting installment costs and saving time.

built-in network solution

Built-in Network Solutions

Last but not least important, the main component for functionality is the Ubiquiti High-Performance Air Max Bridge. This piece transmits the IP camera’s data and video feed to a router in the main building! This is why we call ASB a Game Changer. Air Max Bridge enables us to maximize transmission distance, using the existing grid thus dramatically reducing overall costs for all projects. The pre-installed PoE injector utilizes the serviceability of the wireless bridge giving this all-in-one station great leverage compared to older systems.

ASB all-in-one Wireless Video Station, excel over all other existing network solutions in that it comes pre-packaged, with all the components. It is efficient, simple to use, quickly mount station.

ctrl and wireless

Control Node and Wireless Gateway

Two essential components of the ASB which enable it to transmit and receive long-distance video signals are a combination of the control node and wireless gateway.

The control node is incorporated into the station itself. Using the control node station can receive wireless signals for remote control of the camera components. Users can, due to this control power from a long-distance among many other data and monitoring transmission.

The next great leverage point of the control node is that it receives and sends its signals via the wireless router, which will install next to the main internet router in the main building. As we previously emphasized our main advantage is the cost-effectiveness and time consuming because the installation of these pieces are quicker than pulling cables from the building to a remote destination.